Work from Home Essentials | St. Petersburg Luxury Apartments

At Provenza at St. Pete, our stunning homes will provide the perfect backdrop for every lifestyle. With so many still working from home, you can easily transform your home into an office space where you can get work done. Turning your home into an office space may seem like a difficult task but we’ve gathered a few essentials that will completely transform your home during the work day. View our guide to work from home essentials and make the most out of your space at our St. Petersburg luxury apartments.

#1 Coffee Mug Warmer

Working from home, coffee is a must to stay productive during the work day. With this coffee mug warmer, you never have to worry about your cup getting cold or having to reheat your coffee throughout the day. This mug warmer aims to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature, right around 131 degrees. The warmer is also activated by gravity so that you don’t have to worry about turning it on or off and you can rest assured that your mug is being warmed whenever it is placed on the warmer.

#2 Foot Heater

While you work from home, there is nothing worse than having cold toes while you’re trying to get work done. This portable foot heater is small and easy to incorporate into your home office so that you can keep your feet warm throughout your work day. The heater stays on for 8 hours at a time and will automatically shut off after the 8 hours. Once everyone goes back into the office permanently, you can easily take this heater with you and still enjoy its coziness. This heater is essential for your at home office and will provide hours of warmth.

#3 Sofa Table

If you don’t have space to set up your home office or if you prefer to work from your couch, this sofa table is ideal for your living room office. This lightweight table is easy to move and is the perfect size to accommodate your screens and any other essentials. The unique shape of this desk will make it easy to incorporate into any space and you can pull it as close to you as you wish.

With these work from home essentials, you can transform our St. Petersburg luxury apartments into the perfect home office. Come home to Provenza at St. Pete and contact us today for more information!