Valentines Day Dates | Apartments in St. Petersburg, FL

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching at our apartments in St. Petersburg, FL, so it’s time to start planning your date night with whoever you love! Here are some original date ideas that we’ve gathered for you to have a more unique V-Day this year. Find your new home at Provenza at St. Pete today!

Chocolate Making Class

Instead of buying the traditional box of chocolates for him or her, sign up for a class and make your own! Chocolates by Michelle is only an hour from Provenza at St. Pete. Her classes are two hours, hands on, and allow you to be creative. You will also get to take home everything you make, which is up to two pounds of chocolate!

A Tandem Bike Ride for Two

Most big cities have bike rental websites online that include tandem bikes as well. Rates are normally hourly, and though it may sound cheesy and difficult, the bike ride could become a funny bonding moment to look back on as a couple.

Take a Tour of an Unexplored Town/Venue

Surprise your significant other and make a trip to a different town or city in Florida. Explore the town, try a new restaurant, and go shopping. The Valentine’s Day weekend excursion will be a getaway from your usual routine. Book an Airbnb or hotel in advance to make it even more special.

Watch the Sunset (or Sunrise)

This year, February 14th is on a Friday, so you both will likely have to work. Leave work a little early to catch the sunset with your loved one or wake up before the sun rises to enjoy it. Extra points and extra romance if you surprise your S.O. with a viewing that takes place on the beach or on the peak of a mountain.

Our apartments in St. Petersburg, FL are the perfect place to start planning for date night. Show who you love how much you care about them by doing something different for Valentine’s Day this year. Contact us at Provenza at St. Pete today!