Travel Essentials | Best Apartments in St. Petersburg, FL

The holiday season is among us at Provenza at St. Pete and now is the perfect time to start getting your travel plans ready and gathering all of the supplies that you will need. We know that traveling during this time can be stressful and we’ve gathered a few essentials that will make your travel day a little less stressful. View our guide and see why we offer the best apartments in St. Petersburg, FL!

Pinch Provisions Travel Kit

Frequent travelers know to expect the unexpected and with this tiny travel kit, you will be more prepared for inconveniences that may arise. This kit features a variety of quick solutions that you may need like a mending kit for clothing snags or tears, headphones, safety pins, and even wrinkle remover so you will have everything that you need. The kit is small enough to fit into any sized luggage or even a handbag so you can always have it with you while traveling.

Adjustable Travel Pillow

There is nothing worse than airplane seating and trying to get comfortable on a long flight but with this adjustable travel pillow will make those flights a bit easier. You can adjust this pillow into a variety of different positions so you can find the best position for you and the memory foam composition is sure to be comfortable. It also has a snap on both ends so you can easily attach it to your luggage. While this pillow may be ideal for flights, you can take with you anyway that you travel whether by car, bus, or train.

Luggage Padlock

Nothing is more important than keeping your belongings safe and secure during travel and this luggage padlock will aid in that. This fingerprint padlock is sure to keep your things safe and you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to guess the code. It can recognize up to five different fingerprints so multiple people can use the padlock and it is TSA-approved so you can rest assured that it won’t cause any issues at the airport. This luggage padlock will give you peace of mind while traveling and offer one less stress-inducing factor during your day of travel.

With these travel essentials, your holiday travel plans will be a breeze and you can rest assured that while things may not go smoothly, you will be a little bit more prepared. See why we offer the best apartments in St. Petersburg, FL and contact us at Provenza at St. Pete today for more information!