Things to Plant This Month | Apartments in St. Petersburg, FL

At Provenza at St. Pete, our residents will love coming home to our beautiful community that is ideal for every lifestyle. In each of our homes, the beautiful private patios will allow residents to take in the Florida sun and create an outdoor oasis. With the warm weather quickly approaching, now is the time to start figuring out what you will plant on your patio. We’ve gathered a list of the best things to plant this month that you can use to help guide you. View our listing and make the most out of your patio at our apartments in St. Petersburg, FL.


Nothing says summer like fresh berries and most varieties have roots that will thrive in cooler weather. This month is the perfect time to plant berries as the weather in Florida isn’t fully summer yet and your plant will have time to grow. Most berry bushes will need full exposure to the sun so you’ll want to be sure that your patio will have enough sun throughout the day. Strawberries can easily be grown in smaller containers, making them the perfect berry to plant on your patio this month.


Add some bright pops of color to you patio and plant some annuals this month. There are several types of annuals that love the cooler weather and will be perfect for your patio. Annuals will thrive in small planters or in between emerging bulbs that you have already planted, making them ideal for any open space that you have on your patio. If you’re wanting bright colors, you can look into pansies or violas, or if you’re wanting something that is more full or drapey, a bacopa will really fill out your space.

Cool-Season Veggies

Add some freshness to your garden and plant some cool-season veggies that will thrive this month. These can be grown in containers so you can place them in any place that you have room on your patio. Growing veggies may seem like a daunting task, but they are ideal for beginner gardeners. You can try plants like spinach, horseradish, or spring onion that will thrive in early spring but that are also hardy enough to withstand any type of gardener.

With these plants, you can turn your patio into a thriving garden at our apartments in St. Petersburg, FL. Come home to Provenza at St. Pete and contact us today for more information!