Spring Cleaning Products | Best Apartments in St. Petersburg

At Provenza at St. Pete, our residents can find all that they are searching for in an apartment home. Within each of our one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom homes, the amazing features around every corner will allow residents to discover the perfect place to call home. With spring quickly approaching, now is the time to start getting ready for spring cleaning. We’ve gathered a few of the best products that will make cleaning a breeze. View our guide here and see why we offer the best apartments in St. Petersburg!

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

Check one thing off of your spring cleaning list with the help of this Shark IQ Robot Vacuum. This self-cleaning vacuum will allow you to set a schedule and ensure that your floors will always stay clean. The vacuum has deep cleaning capabilities and will roam around your home picking up pieces of dust and dirt that you may miss. The app allows you to easily control the vacuum and set up a schedule so you can rest assured the floors of your home will stay clean. It is also ideal for wood-style flooring, making it perfect for your home and the bagless, self-emptying base means you won’t have to empty it for up to 45 days. This vacuum will ease your mind and take one thing off of your spring cleaning list.

Lid Organizer

One thing that always seems to be a mess is the food storage cabinet and with this organizer, that will be a thing of the past. This organizer allows you to easily store your food storage lids and makes them easy to find whether you’re packing lunch or putting away leftovers from dinner. The different slots will accommodate every style of lid and there are several options so you can find the perfect container for your cabinets. It’s holds round and square lids and the dividers are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect ratio for your containers. This organizer will keep the dreaded cabinet organized throughout the year.

Pet Hair Remover

If you have a pet, this pet hair remover will be a life saver. This wand can clean a variety of surfaces and allows you to easily brush over the area you’re cleaning and the pet hair will stick without any scrubbing or back and forth. It even comes with a self-cleaning base so you won’t have to off the hair once you’re done using it. It works on your furniture, pillows, linens, and even in your car. Once you’ve finished spring cleaning, you can even use the wand on your clothing throughout the year instead of a traditional lint roller. This pet hair remover will make ridding your things of pet hair a breeze.

With these spring cleaning products, you can clean your home with ease. See why we offer the best apartments in St. Petersburg and contact us at Provenza at St. Pete today!