Patio Decor Tips | Luxury Apartments for Rent in St. Petersburg, FL

At Provenza at St. Pete, our beautiful homes are sure to suit every lifestyle. Our one, two, and three bedroom floor plans are filled with unique amenities that are sure to accommodate each resident and the private patios offer the perfect place to retreat to after a long day. We’ve gathered a few patio décor tips that will help to transform the space. View our guide here and come home to our luxury apartments for rent in St. Petersburg, FL!

Add Seating

One of the main pieces that you will want to incorporate into your outdoor space is seating. Whether you’re wanting the space to be for hosting guests or an oasis where you can rest and relax, seating is necessary. If you’re wanting a space to entertain, you may want to get a small, outdoor sectional but if you’re wanting a cozier space, you can get a single chair or even a hammock that suits your style and needs. Stores like Target have a variety of patio furniture that will suit almost any space. Adding in seating will be the perfect way to start transforming the outdoor space.

Incorporate Outdoor Elements

Once you have your seating, now you can incorporate outdoor elements that will enhance the space. You can add outdoor elements like plants that will brighten up the space and bring the outdoors to your patio, or you can get cooking items like an electric grill and make your patio the entertainment epicenter. Adding in outdoor elements will make your patio feel like home and the space will be exactly what you need.

Utilize Personal Items

If you have personal items that will thrive outdoors, like a throw blanket, pillows, or a rug, you will want to use those to really enhance the area. Adding in these items, you will be able to display your style and create an area that is exactly what you’re searching for. You’ll want to be sure that these items can withstand the outdoors, or you’ll want to make sure that you bring these items in if the weather turns unfavorable. Your personal items will easily transform the area and provide the perfect finishing touches to your patio.

With these patio décor tips, you can make the most out of your outdoor space at our luxury apartments for rent in St. Petersburg, FL. Come home to Provenza at St. Pete and contact us today for more information!