Kitchen Storage Solutions | North St. Petersburg Apartments

At Provenza at St. Pete, each of our homes features fully-equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances and beautiful granite countertops. When it comes to storing things in your kitchen, it can be difficult to keep things organized and out of sight. View our solutions to keeping your kitchen organized and get the most out of your kitchen at our North St. Petersburg apartments!

#1 Food Container Storage

One of the things that can become quickly unorganized is the cabinet that holds your food storage containers. It is easy to just throw all of your containers in one cabinet and not worry about it until you need to put leftovers away. With this lid organizer, you can easily create more room in your cabinets and make it easy to find the matching lid to your container. The organizer is lightweight and doesn’t take up much room so you can clear space in your cabinet and still have room to store other things.

#2 Magnetic Storage

One area that you may be overlooking when it comes to creating storage space is your refrigerator. If you have an exposed side of your refrigerator, this magnetic rack can hold your most-used kitchen items like spices, paper towels, and a few of your kitchen utensils. This rack will open up more counter space and it will make the things that you use the most easily accessible.

#3 Pantry Storage

If you don’t have enough space in your pantry or if you want to use that area to hold other items, you may want to invest in alternative pantry storage. This slim storage rack can fit into the tiniest of spaces but the shelves are spacious enough to hold everyday pantry items. You can easily slide it in between the counter and your refrigerator or you can just slide next to your island. The wheels make it easy to move around and you can even get multiple to use in your laundry room and bathroom, as well. This storage rack will turn your kitchen into the ultimate functional space and provide you with an ample amount of storage.

Get the most out of your kitchen and stay organized at our North St. Petersburg apartments. Find your new home at Provenza at St. Pete and contact us today for more information!