Green Living Tips | Apartments North St. Petersburg, FL

At Provenza at St. Pete, each of our homes features a selection of amazing amenities that are sure to suit every lifestyle. When it comes to your home and your family, you want to be sure that they are both getting the best care possible. By going green, you can ensure that everything in your home is safe and good for the environment. View our green living tips and make the most out of your time at our apartments in North St. Petersburg, FL!

#1 Invest in Reusable

When it comes to food storage and cleaning supplies, it can be easy to opt for the single-use items and just throw them out. This creates a lot of unnecessary waste and there are several alternatives that are reusable. These dishcloths are super absorbent and can easily be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine so you can reuse them as frequently as you like. If your home goes through single-use food storage bags, you can trade those out for these reusable storage bags. This option comes in a pack of twelve and has a selection of different sizes so you can get rid of all of your single-use bags.

#2 Green Cleaning Supplies

A lot of cleaning supplies are filled with harsh chemicals that not only affect your well-being but they can also affect your home’s surfaces. By switching to all-natural cleaning solutions, you can rest assured that your home is being cleaned by the best products. The Honest Company has a variety of cleaning supplies from laundry detergent to multi-surface sprays and dish soap. By switching to green cleaning supplies, you can rest assured that you’re only using the best ingredients to clean your home.

#3 Get Gardening

While you may think that gardening in an apartment is impossible, our homes feature a private patio where you can create your own garden. You can reduce your footprint and grow your own herbs, or you can even try to grow your own vegetables. If you’re worried about keeping a garden alive, you can bring the plants indoors and use them to purify the air in your home. Snake plants are known for their purifying qualities and are notoriously easy to keep alive.

With these tips, you can easily transition to green living at our apartments in North St. Petersburg, FL. Come home to Provenza at St. Pete and contact us today for more information!